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Message from The Legend Group

As the coronavirus has emerged and spread, we wanted to share with you how we are responding, and how we are prepared to keep our clients, advisors, and employees informed, safe and healthy.

Since the outbreak, our leadership team has monitored developments with global agencies such as the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and have closely followed their recommendations. Our primary concern is to protect the health of our advisors and employees while sustaining the service we provide to our valued clients.

We will continue to make the necessary adjustments to our operations, and have enacted the following precautionary measures:

•  We’ve suspended travel to protect the health of our advisors and clients.

•  We understand you have questions and we are available to speak with you. We ask that you consider a phone call rather than an in-person review at this time.

We will carefully monitor these events in the days and weeks ahead and make any necessary adjustments to these steps. In addition, our portfolio managers are monitoring market developments and implementing ideas backed by research, expertise and a long-term approach. While we understand that market volatility is uncomfortable, it is not unexpected. During times of market volatility, it’s best to stay the course with your advisor.

Working with an advisor has many benefits, especially during times of market volatility. Your advisor understands your long-term goals and can help you manage through the uncertainty to avoid making an investment choice based on emotion. Investors who have endured market declines in the past and have stayed the course have the potential to benefit as markets stabilize. If your situation has changed, or if you have any questions about your portfolio, contact your advisor to discuss any changes that may be needed for your personal situation.

 As always, we thank you for choosing The Legend Group. We hope that you and your family remain safe and healthy.

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Work with an advisor you feel confident is looking out for you. 

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Guidance through all the major financial milestones life brings you.

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